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Welcome to HONORS BIOLOGY!  Honors Biology is a science course designed to engage students in scientific inquiry as they study the fundamentals of living systems. The Honors Biology curriculum focuses on the life processes that occur within organisms and cells, as well as the major characteristics of life. Students will learn how to integrate their understanding of the interrelation between simple molecules and complex living systems in decisions they will make concerning health issues and the environment.

 This course provides an opportunity for students to develop scientific process skills, laboratory techniques, and an understanding of the fundamental principles of living organisms.

In comparison to Biology, students will investigate some topics at a deeper level including biotechnology, health, and environmental issues. In addition to the Holt Biology textbook and articles published in different scientific journals students will receive handouts that will allow them to develop a more indebt understanding of the biological processes. 

                                                                                      Welcome to Physics honors

Welcome to the amazing world of Physics! In this class we will be studying the interaction of natural laws and processes. We will use mathematics but the focus will remain on the understanding of the physical systems. We will explore in depth the nature of and characteristics of energy and its interactions with matter. As scientists you will need to be very organized and have all the materials necessary to accomplish your work. We will spend a major part of the year focusing on the core areas with an emphasis on force, motion, energy transformations, wave phenomena, light, electricity, fields, and non-Newtonian physics. This course will require numerous independent research and investigations. I am looking forward to accompanying you in this new adventure and I wish you a great academic year.

Welcome to EARTH SCIENCE class!  Earth Science is a science course designed to help students develop a better understanding of planet Earth and the galaxy in which it is found. As we explore the curriculum, students will understand the fundamental principles that make Earth a unique planet.

In addition to our Holt Earth Science textbook, students will be exposed to articles published in different scientific journals.  Students will also carry out various laboratory investigations geared to help them develop scientific process skills, learn laboratory techniques and enrich their understanding of what shapes our planet Earth.

Welcome to BIOLOGY!  Biology is a science course designed to introduce high school students to the fundamentals of the study of life. As we explore biology, students will start to comprehend the interrelation between the simple molecules that make us up and the complex ecosystem in which we live. This understanding will help students make healthy and environmentally friendly decisions in the future.

In addition to developing an appreciation for living systems, this course provides an opportunity for students to develop scientific process skills and laboratory techniques.

During the year students will use the Holt Biology textbook as a main source of reference and articles published in different scientific journals to supplement the text.