Topic outline

  • News and updates

    Dear Parents,

    The theme for this month is "My community". The goal is for children to learn about people who help our community, and to understand what they can do at school and their neighborhood to help each other. 

    The children will have many opportunities to develop language skills, develop their math and reasoning skills, explore and experiment their environment. 

    Month Of November: (theme and goals).  

    The theme for the month of November is "FOOD". The focus of this lesson is for the students to:

    -Observe and record the growth of plants

    -Learn about healthy eating habits 

    -Learn about their classmates' favorite foods

    The unit goals for this month: "students will continue to"  

    -Experiment with writing (fine motor skills development)

    -Learn about their shapes (circle, square, rectangle, and triangle)

    -Improve their observation and expressive language skills

    -Be encouraged to use their imaginations 

    We are doing a lot of hands on activities this month (manipulative and Mini Tech: using the white board). 

    • Circle Time

      Circle Time Morning Circle Time.

      During Morning Circle Time, we:

      • Sing the Good Morning Song (Good morning, good morning to... say the name)
      • We recall on the classroom' rules. 
      • Sing the days of the week (Every week has 7 day). 
      • Talk about the months of the year (October)
      • Talk about the weather and sing a song (Sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, it is sunny in the sky, S.U.N.N.Y.  sunny, it is sunny in the sky). 
      • We review what was taught the previous day (The letters of the Alphabet, Numbers, Senses, and theme of the week). 
      • Introduce the theme of the week and discuss daily's activities. 
      • Sing the Alphabet song.