The course is designed to develop students’ skills in yearbook production by providing experiences in selected aspects of year book production.  Students learn basic principles of the yearbook production as they develop skills in the following areas: page design, publishing techniques, copy writing, editing, photography, record keeping, time management, teamwork, marketing, and leadership skills. Students are tasked with producing a timeless, creative, and innovative publication, which will record our school’s community, memories and events.


The goal of this course is to produce a school yearbook with the involvement of ALL its staff members.  Using the ENTOURAGE program, students will be responsible for taking and collecting photographs, organization and layout, writing captions and articles for the yearbook. In conjunction with the yearbook duties, students will also produce several videos, including but not limited to the sport’s banquet and orientation “Welcome to USH” videos.

Yearbook is not a class for those looking for an easy “A”.  The production of a yearbook takes hard work, cooperation, dedication, patience, passion and leadership.  If you are a hard worker, have school pride, enjoy creative activities, taking pictures, writing, designing, then you will love this class and do great! 


In yearbook, students will be assigned pages and be responsible for taking pictures, writing articles, conducting interviews, and designing their page. It is very important that you understand the commitment it takes to be part of the yearbook staff.